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2022-09-23 23:43:31 By : Mr. Peter Lee

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One of the co-founders of Melt Cosmetics, Lora Arellano, was Rihanna’s makeup artist and was behind her iconic 2017 Met Gala Ball Blush look.

by: Nentapmun Gomwalk, BestReviews Staff

One of the co-founders of Melt Cosmetics, Lora Arellano, was Rihanna’s makeup artist and was behind her iconic 2017 Met Gala Ball Blush look.

by: Nentapmun Gomwalk, BestReviews Staff

Melt Cosmetics is a beauty brand founded by Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar in 2012. The founders have a history of working in the retail and makeup industry, so they create products that let people express themselves through vibrant, bold, highly pigmented color palettes. If you’re looking to add something with a pop to your makeup collection, the Melt Cosmetics Gemini Eyeshadow Palette 1 is sublime.

The hues of eyeshadow work best with different eye colors. For the best look, pick a color that flatters your skin and your eye color.

If you’re not sure what colors go best with your eyes, check out a color wheel. The colors that are opposite each other on the wheel are complementary and can be paired together.

For a shade of lipstick that is flattering, pick a color two shades darker than your natural lip color. The best way to do this is by applying your lipstick only on your lower lip and comparing it to your upper lip. Another thing to note is that dark colors and matte lipsticks make the lips appear thinner, while lighter shades and glosses make them seem fuller.

While these are all guides, your preferences should always be considered because it is best to pick what suits your style and feels good to you.

Using the right makeup brush during application helps you get the most out of your makeup product. For eyeshadow application, pick a brush that is dense and has a tip just a little smaller than your eyelids. Lip brushes should have finer tips, while blush and powder brushes should be well rounded with soft, fine bristles.

Melt Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand and does not sell its products in any stores that require animal testing. Additionally, most Melt products are vegan and are clearly labeled on their ingredients tabs. 

Melt Cosmetics products are highly pigmented and easily visible when applied on your skin. Whether they are lipsticks, eyeshadows or blush palettes, you get rich hues ranging from bright colors to deep metallics, opaques or true matte shades. 

The texture of a makeup product determines how easily it can be applied. A chalky, inconsistent texture will leave your skin feeling tacky and heavy. Melt Cosmetics products come in smooth and silky textures that sit well on the skin and blend easily, whether they’re powdered like eyeshadow or cream-based like a cream blush. 

When applied properly, Melt Cosmetics products can last for up to eight hours on the skin. They don’t lose their vibrancy and work well for extended wear. If you are layering your products, you can use a primer as a base before application to ensure that the makeup doesn’t cake and lasts even longer. 

Melt Cosmetics cost about $16-$100, depending on the product and size.

A. The products are made both in the U.S. and other parts of the world, such as Italy and Germany.

A. Yes, some contain talc. You can always see a full list of ingredients on the product label. 

A. Though Melt Cosmetics was founded as an indie brand, its popularity over the years has made it more available and mainstream. 

Melt Cosmetics Gemini Eyeshadow Palette 1 

What you need to know: This eyeshadow palette has 10 colors in a pressed-powder formula.

What you’ll love: The colors are versatile and range from warm neutrals to cool tones, with eight of them having a matte finish. The palette comes in beautiful, sleek packaging with a modern touch. 

What you should consider: The powder-pressed formula may lead to higher chances of the eyeshadow breaking if not handled properly.

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora

Melt Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick 

What you need to know: This vegan liquid lipstick has a matte finish.

What you’ll love: This lightweight lipstick offers a wide range of colors that stay highly pigmented with extended wear. You can layer it to achieve a preferred shade or mix and match colors to your taste.

What you should consider: Some people find the applicator difficult to use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora

Melt Cosmetics Cream Blushlight 

What you need to know: This is a cream-based blush with soft pink hues.

What you’ll love: Its multiuse formula lets you apply it to your cheeks and lips, creating a consistent glow for your overall look. It comes in six shades to let you choose what is most flattering to your skin or the makeup look you’re going for. 

What you should consider: It may lose its dewiness after extended wear and retains a powdery finish.

Where to buy: Sold by Sephora

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